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KC2010 Thursday Update
July 2, 2010, 8:30 AM
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Sorry This post didn’t make it up last night, but after reading this update I think you’ll let it slide this once 🙂

Thursday was an absolutely wonderful day.  We were all at the same worksite, and it was cool to have everyone together in one spot.  We were working at another site that Hillcrest is trying to get fixed up to use for their residents.  Lots of work ranging from sanding to painting to getting rid of moldy sheetrock to landscaping outside- and plenty of other things.  Our kids knocked out that place and have it looking great.

A lady named Brandy is the manager of the site we were working out.  The amazing thing that I found out was that Brandy had actually graduated from Hillcrest’s 90 day program this past November.  To hear her tell the story of how she was homeless and worked through the program- and to know that 6 months later she was actually helping other homeless people as her profession.  Those are amazing stories.

After our workday, we made lunch bags and water bottles and drove around downtown Kansas City giving them out to homeless people on the street.   Brendon even got a chance to pray over a group of homeless men.

We ate dinner on site, and had another great dialogue service outside on the site- which ended with communion. We stressed the community aspect of communion- sharing with others’ joys and also with their sufferings.  We shared joys with the residents Tuesday night at the graduation.  Last night we shared in their suffering (in a very small way) by being homeless for a while.  Right after communion, we surprised our kids by telling them that they were gonna be outside for a while.  We had cardboard and duct-tape and we all had to build shelters for the evening.  Without going into much detail here, we stayed out until about 12:30am.  It caused us to really think about the reality that many people live with on a daily basis.

Today we are hitting up a waterpark.  Should be able to give an update tonight.

Enjoy the pics

Our girls proving that there were bricks under that grass

Cleaning paint off of floors

Josh sweeping and showing off his pecs

Some of our guys painting, sanding, and looking terrifying

Making lunches for the homeless

You can’t see him, but Brendon is praying over a group of men here

Our outdoor service- right before communion and our homeless simulation


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