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KC2010 Wednesday Update
July 1, 2010, 12:11 AM
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Third workday in the books.  Big day, because it was the final day of our 3 worksites in 3 days rotation that the teens were doing.  Tomorrow, we will actually be all together at one worksite, which will be fun and chaotic.

Not really much new- like i said, lots of repetition the last few days since the adults stayed at the same worksites while the kids rotates around.  I have now spent one workday with all of our kids, though- which has been great.

There are a couple of things that I could mention that I haven’t yet.  First of all, the food has been crazy awesome.  Not the MNU, food- although they have a solid pie situation in their cafeteria.  A Hillcrest worker is married to a caterer, and she has been bringing our lunches to us on our worksites.  After standard sandwiches on Monday, she followed those us with 2 kinds of ridiculously good pasta yesterday, and an assortment of grilled foods today.  We’re talking burgers, hotdogs, brats, corn casserole, salad, 2 kinds of brownie bar thingies.   It’s all been amazing, but it makes me want to take an afternoon nap.

Maybe one of the bigger surprises is the way all of the kids from the different churches are interacting.  You honestly can’t tell who goes to the same church because they are having a great time mixing together.  No long distance relationships are forming that I know of though.

I’ll finish today’s update by talking a little about our nightly services.  We start with some worship songs by the famous Eric Vinson.  Then we are experimenting with a dialogue in place of a lesson/sermon.  We ask them questions that fall into three different categories.  We start with the past, and ask things like “how are you different now than you were 2 weeks ago?”  or “Have you seen anything this week that has changed any preconceived notions you had before?”  The second topic is the present, which includes topics like “How did you see God moving today?”  and “Is God doing anything in you right now?”  We close with the future.  We ask things like “How has this changed your future?”  “What are you taking back with you from this mission trip experience?”

Tonight’s service was simply incredible.  The group opened up in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of teenagers open up with each other.  They are really wrestling through some of these tough questions and it has been amazing to hear the way God has showed up this week.  I cant explain how great the discussion was tonight- just know that I am blown away by these kids.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow and tomorrow night, because it is going to be a looooong day and night, but I’m excited about what we have planned!

As usual, we end with daily pictures.  Since I’ve had everyone at my site now, everyone should be represented now.

Colin, Brendon, and Jonathon are deck staining/sealing machines

Apparently they also really hate wearing shirts.  I think they’re looking for mission trip love.

Also, they’re six year olds.

Kate and Jenny spent the morning organizing and stocking a massive food pantry

Jenny may have stolen this jar of pickles from a food pantry.  We’re praying for her.

Justin and Josh cleaning an apartment.

You’re not going to believe this, but Jonathon found something with keys that he likes playing with.

Baker.  Enough said.

Visits to the beach volleyball court have become a crowd favorite.  Here, Brendon is getting some last second coaching from Noah

The view from the back of our service/dialogue thingy that I talked about earlier

Love you guys!!


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