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KC2010 Monday Update
June 28, 2010, 10:40 PM
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The first workday is over, and all went relatively smoothly.  Some “no whining” buttons were awarded, but it was more because I was just itching to give some away.

After an early breakfast, we all met together at one of our worksites- the Hillcrest Thrift Store.  After some instructions, we split into three workgroups.  Two groups left to go to some apartment complexes to do work, while one group stayed at the thrift store to work there.

Our kids did a broad range of things today.  We painted, mulched, landscaped, pulled weeds, tore out sheet rock, sorted clothes, cleaned, and a host of other things.  At the end of the day, we met back at the thrift store to debrief and then head back to the college.

After dinner at the college (which has a rabbit infestation), we had a service in our dorm basement.   Eric Vinson led worship, and Wes and Zack led a dialogue with the kids about what we are seeing God do in our group this week.

Once the service was over, we had an admissions counselor and some students lead us in a giant outside game of “Snuff the Candle.”  The details of that game are too long to type out, so you’ll have to ask a teen about it.  Here’s a hint:  I’m soaking wet as I sit and type this right now.

The kids are now enjoying a few more minutes of free time before bedtime.  Everyone is safe, healthy, and relatively happy.  Enjoy some pictures from our day.

One of our groups getting some instructions in front of one of the apartment complexes

Jenny and Kate cleaning out paintbrushes after working on some trim work

Justin working and Josh…. I actually dont know what Josh is doing…

Ezekiel, Thessalonica (Tessie), and Samaria- they live at one of the apartments we worked at.

Baker and Jonathon moving something I guess


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